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Double Career|Wearing Two Hats

I keep seeing this question floating around, so I got a little inspired: Can a woman be a Family & Career woman? Many of times both men and women believe it is not possible without one or the other suffering, and for others it is seamless [ or fake it to be seamless lol]. Why should this be? Of course Parenthood in general can be pretty difficult, but is being a woman with kids any more difficult? Should she not have help? And being that my Nigerian behind has to think this through, would my career have to take a back seat to me being a baby making machine [gives a major side], I HAVE QUESTIONS and I NEED ANSWERS!!


I need to gauge how hard this may or may not be. I mean, motherhood is hard and all, I really do not want to give up my career, but I do live in this United States of ‘Murica and their maternity policies and child care are straight up basura. Furthermore, families usually have to be two income in order to make it [I have a brunch problem, forget shopping] comfortably, so my behind has to really work anyway! WHO WILL WATCH THESE CHIRREN! AGAIN:


So what do you think? Can family and career co-exist, or would one need to take a back seat? Take a poll, it is anonymous… I promise!

Forum is up for discussion, because I do want a male perspective as well. You know how it goes.



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Survey Says….

So I am a first gen kid. Meaning my parents are immigrants and decided to settle down and have my Igbotic arse in LA. Now many say that what I am may be up for debate, but I identify as a N I G E R I A N. Yes, and I do go through the fight of not being accepted by either side [ie I am seen as a “different” black to many here stateside and to Nigerians, I am not “Nigerian enough”], but whatevs I know who I am and where I come from [like.. down to the village… try me nau]. However, throughout my cultural fluidity of being a Nigerian born on Angeleno soil, I do know one thing for sure… WE LOVE FOOD! Jesu, we dont play o when it comes to chowing down. From different soups, heavy ass “snacks” or appetizers like isi ewu, nkowbi, etc to other dishes that can put Andre the Giant to sleep in one take. So I decided to take a small poll of “What is your preference?” What type starch do you prefer to eat [yes, I am judging you lol]. Here we go!






6.indifference you do not even care.. starch is starch and you are hungry.

Comment and let me know!

Post Scriptum: You do not have to be Nigerian to take the survey, if you have tried it, or have something similar, comment too!

Oya… Ready… Set… EAT… i mean… GO!




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2015 in Friggin Review

I know it has been a while, but I had to take a break from blogging (it did not fit in my schedule nor my jacked up sleeping pattern). With the New Year approaching, I can actually say with confidence that I am extremely excited and looking forward to it. 2015 has been the Happiest sad year ever. By that I mean so much nonsense has happened that I am surprised that I am still in high spirits and still managed to smile.

I can acknowledge the many blessings that have been bestowed upon me, God has truly been faithful, and I take every lesson learned and add it to my constant drive to improve myself- I really need to just laugh at life even more.

What I do not want to become is one with a heart encased in concrete in 2016. I am nurturing and caring by nature, but sensitive as hell. I have come to terms that I cannot give everyone benefit of doubt, nor should I expect people to treat me with good-will as I would do by default. I have to stop giving the wrong people the right pieces of me, because not everyone will even give an ounce of themselves either. I just have to learn to dodge the bullets a little better and twirl along the BS a little longer because it is real out here in these streets. Remaining a good person is hard in today’s society when being selfish and self-absorbed is the amplified norm (it drives me insane). So if you feel like I am acting “brand new” in the NEW YEAR just blame it on the pain, but it can adjust anyone no matter how big their heart is.


So DO BETTER in 2016 constantly!!! Nobody cares who you are leaving behind or cutting off in the new year, no one cares that you will hit the gym more, blah blah blah- JUST DO BETTER. This year has definitely been a learning year (yet again), but I definitely can DO BETTER.




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The constant struggle


There is so much going in the world that it is overwhelming, like…  My prayer list is super long. It may be because we have more access to global events,  but it is some good and a lot of BAD! From the sheer racism that are happening on college campuses, the ongoing killings of POC by some law enforcement, to the most atrocious slaughters that have happened just within this week alone. I just wish the teachings of love and community were more permissible and accepted as opposed to worthless material gains and ridiculous aspirations to “fame”.

When was the last time you really enjoyed your family and friends,  without looking at your phone, without trying to keep up with the Jones’ of soc. Media? I mean when was the last time you even thanked the Higher Power for what he has done for you and your loved ones?  I mean,  I can’t even do the “#prayfor[inserttheatrocityhere]” because it does not feel right to me. I stay prayed up no matter what. So pray to whomever or whatever suits all conditions,  and do it wholeheartedly because the whole world needs it. Remember:

Prayer should be your first response,  not your last resort. 

Allow that to marinate. Have a great weekend to all.



Random Entry

Whatever Wednesday

Tuesday was to be my supposed Canada trip recap, but I’m having a change of plans and will discuss an incident since I decided to be a geriatric and go to bed hella early 😊 (the fun post will come later it is 4.39am dag nabit lol).

Let me begin with this: if you believe or even try to justify the behaviour of that wannabe top flight security cop,  you might as well exit left and miss me with that BS.  This is in regards to the isolated event that took place at the South Carolina school where the cop used blatant excessive for to remove a student. I am all for discipline, especially when it comes to unruly kids [nothing grinds my gears more than bad ass kids] but this cop was out of line and that is my opinion,  full stop! 
Here is the link to the video and have a look for yourself

Now,  I’m not into CNN (and definitely not into foolish Don Lemon so don’t listen to his arse lol), but this is a KID and that is a grown male, there should be no reason for that kind of force on any student whatsoever.

And if you begin to think with “oh she should have complied” or “she was resisting and that is what happens when you resist” in your head, please explain and discuss this because I am ready…  R E A D Y. 



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Shifting Gears…

After receiving some disheartening news in a span of two days post trip… I am about to get really deep…  And postponing the Canada blog and pics of happiness to discuss something I am all too familiar with – Death.

You would think as many people that I have lost in my life that I would be calloused every time I get bad news of such…  But I do not.  And due to my empathetic nature,  I tend to still that pain when someone I know (even indirectly),  loses a loved one.  Depending on my state of mind, I could just embrace the person… Cry..   Or stand there numb not knowing what to say or do.  One thing is for sure is that ‘I feel your pain’ I totally get it.

It definitely ties into my struggles and conflicts of my faith.  And due to my at times unflattering inquisitive nature I question God; I question him A LOT.

The pain IS Unbearable,  I cannot lie. But you should know that it is OK to crumble…  It is OK to cry…  It is OK to feel that pain,  but do not allow it to consume you to the point where you may go too.  I can leave this advice, find a way to cope, especially when that sadness creeps up on you. It really suxks feeling like life itself has been squeezed out of you as well as draining,  but in due time you have to find solace…  May not be complete solace…  But do find it, and keep it.