Notes+Nods Destination Tour | Nigeria

I have gotten many request to create an aggregated and central place for tour information. To answer all my potential customers, I decided to make a digital brochure for everyone to take a look. Remember if you have any further questions, navigate to “Hit Us Up” and we will be more than ready to answer questions. CHEERS!

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Top 9 Beauty & Tech Items When Traveling to.. | Nigeria Essentials

So everyone knows I love visiting my heart’s domicile – Nigeria. I use to go with my dad since I was little, but as soon as I began going alone (age 19), I learned what I needed to pack with me, hands down – I have learned “weh weh”. So this post will be the top 9 beauty and tech items that you should NOT leave the country without, and it is not in order of priority, because they are ALL equally important. Are You Ready?

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A Cultural Trip 2019 | Nigeria

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OOOOOPPPPPPP!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR Y’ALL!!!!! Did you guys miss me? I know I promised to be more consistent with this blogging things, but ya girl had to take a break and plan a whole WEDDING [that is a post for another day]. I am proud to say that notesandnods will be doing a destination tour this year in none other than [drumroll]: NIGERIA! Now I have traveled all over the globe and have learned so much throughout my young old life, that I am confident enough to guide a whole tour! Now here are some perks that patrons will be gaining whilst having fun on The Continent:


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Top 10 Bottomless Brunches | DC

So I know you all have been waiting for this post because I am the self proclaimed “Champagne Champion” and your go to Brunch Connoisseur! So boom, pardon my lateness on this, but at least it is here. These places are all affordable [maybe except one, but I will put an alert on it lol]. This should be your holy grail of guides because I legit put my heart, soul, and foot into this… SO YOU BETTA LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE [lol less aggression, but please do lol]. So here comes the list [it is not in ranking order]:

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Amazon Store

You guys know, I am all about deals and getting a good bargain for my coin, so why would I hold that information? Here I will have different products that have been used by me, or placed here from others that want to buy and do not have time for it to be researched. Furthermore, the firestick trade-in information will all be here as well with links.

All other new products that you want to peruse (browse) and put in your cart- you guessed it – link up and show away! Happy Shopping.

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Job Seekers [Nigeria Only]

If you are seeking employment and want employers to find you in our database, this is the form for you to fill out. Your information is secure and will always be available (on file) for Employers when considering who to employ. Do not forget to leave a sweet comment when you get hired!

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