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So everyone knows I love visiting my heart’s domicile – Nigeria. I use to go with my dad since I was little, but as soon as I began going alone (age 19), I learned what I needed to pack with me, hands down – I have learned “weh weh”. So this post will be the top 9 beauty and tech items that you should NOT leave the country without, and it is not in order of priority, because they are ALL equally important. Are You Ready?

So I usually like the brand OFF! Now, I am not saying you will always run into mosquitos, but I surely have, and almost died from Malaria. That is what always made me go ahead and pack this in my luggage. You can click here and get you this bottle of it sis (or bro).

Setting Spray! There are times I did not even wear makeup, and then there are times I wanted to put a touch of pancake here and there. You better SET THAT MAKEUP SIS, or your hard work will be on the floor. You can click here and get you this same one at a discounted price. That is only for those that like to dibble and dabble in makeup whilst on your globetrotting movement to the motherland.

This may be the most expensive thing on this list, but it is a must. This personal wifi was a life saver when my network (I did not get a local sim card my last trip) did not work when I was in the village. It comes unlocked in case you need to add data to it, but it is highly recommended. I used this same brand. You can click here and get this same exact one. I can really vouch for this

Unlocked phone. Many do not think about this. It is best to get an unlocked phone you can pop a local sim card into and just top up your data and minutes. It is the most cost effective and a way to dodge those costly roaming and international plans. Whenever I go to Nigeria, I always take my unlocked phone, was definitely a saving grace.

Lightweight clothing is always forgotten! Please remember, Nigeria is an overall tropical environment with drier areas further north. February is the hottest month, and June is the wettest and very very rarely is it cold. December has the longest hours of daylight (10 hours, woohoo) and can still get pretty hot. So I implore you, please bring some lightweight articles of clothing (linen pants, loose tops, sandals, birks, etc). There is nothing more uncomfortable than coming to a country and not being prepared for the weather. Do not say I never told you! Post Scriptum: Get a good pair of shades too. The sun can be very unforgiven.

Solar Power Bank. This is self explanatory. Apart from not having consistent electricity without a generator (hey, I am being totally transparent and honest here), you have to be prepared to charge all of your electronics when in another country. Stay juiced up with one of these bad boys, trust me when I say, YOU WILL NEED IT.

Portable Mini Fan/Mister This is pretty self explanatory. If you are one of those types that gets hot easily, just get one of these – you are welcome.

If you are a bookworm like myself, then having a great e-reader would be of great use. There are tons of literary talent from Nigeria, and it would be good to read some authors from the country you will soon travel to. There is a great booklist on @nnennayalator ‘s instagram list that you should check out. Do get a new(er) kindle to enjoy some great books. You can also purchase physical copies whilst in Nigeria (when you get there)

Grooming tools and first aid kits. I definitely travelled with these and many of my colleagues and friends from my last tour did the same. Hair and skin products, I literally brought. You can definitely buy in the country (their products are just as good), but I needed to come with my own trusted contraband, and nihu wellness is one of those companies. check them out for just about anything skin + hair related.

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