Notes+Nods Destination Tour | Nigeria

I have gotten many request to create an aggregated and central place for tour information. To answer all my potential customers, I decided to make a digital brochure for everyone to take a look. Remember if you have any further questions, navigate to “Hit Us Up” and we will be more than ready to answer questions. CHEERS!

Check out our digital brochure!

Also, on this culturally immersive tour, there will be many events along the way. Two of them are the field trip to the National War Museum in Umuahia, and the other is a “Singles Mix n Mingle” Mixer for professionals to network or (here is the twist).. date. The field trip to the National War Museum is free (with donation), and the shuttle will pick up from Afikpo. The mixer is 5000N- tickets will NOT be sold at the door. Alright Ciao for real.

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