What Does Valentine’s Day Mean to You? | #QTNA

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What is the benefit of being a Nigerian!

I hope his sentiments are genuine… these killings should not be tolerated Wakeupafrica360! A country with so much potentials but nothing to show for it. The British and American citizens are proud that their individual country’s are responsible for their safety in any country that they happens to be in! The American state owes themContinue reading “What is the benefit of being a Nigerian!”

I’S MARRIED Y’ALL | Traditionally |Part Un

WELL HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO PEOPLE! I know the gaps between my post are as wide as the river Nile and the Grand Canyon, but Y’ALL your girl had to plan a traditional wedding in none other than…. Take a guess- N I G E R I A!!!! Now, I do not know if I want to setContinue reading “I’S MARRIED Y’ALL | Traditionally |Part Un”

Buhari must send his pythons back to the bush! The two face of a president.

Take a look at some insight of what is going on in Nigeria involving the Igbo people Wakeupafrica360! The president and the commander in chief, of the armed forces of the federal republic of Nigeria, recently sent his army in all its full might to intimidate, terrorise and to kill unarmed civilians in the south-EasternContinue reading “Buhari must send his pythons back to the bush! The two face of a president.”