Women Sleep With Men to Survive | Did she lie?

  Click Here to Watch Boduong’s Interview with Amanpour  I just read that Moesha Boduong has apologized for her special she did on CNN with Amanpour stating that SHE sleeps with a married man to pay bills [she lives in Ghana] and I am wondering… DID SHE LIE? And to be quite frank, I doContinue reading “Women Sleep With Men to Survive | Did she lie?”

What is the benefit of being a Nigerian!

I hope his sentiments are genuine… these killings should not be tolerated Wakeupafrica360! A country with so much potentials but nothing to show for it. The British and American citizens are proud that their individual country’s are responsible for their safety in any country that they happens to be in! The American state owes themContinue reading “What is the benefit of being a Nigerian!”