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I’S MARRIED Y’ALL | Traditionally |Part Un

WELL HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO PEOPLE! I know the gaps between my post are as wide as the river Nile and the Grand Canyon, but Y’ALL your girl had to plan a traditional wedding in none other than…. Take a guess- N I G E R I A!!!! Now, I do not know if I want to set myself up and try to do a documentary/vlog because you all know I am tired [lol], I mean, if someone wants to drop some coins for production about my unique journey then by all means 🙂 .

Now, I planned my traditional wedding by myself, and I did receive help along the way and I definitely had to plan a lot with using @whatsapp as a collab tool (shout out to whatsapp, I should be an ambassador for yall), and did have to disturb my fiancee and friends on ground back home to make things happen. Luckily m dad and step mom were on the @whatsapp tip and were able to make things happen with them dollars (holla Parentals! lol).

So my thing was using group chats to effectively disperse information and using @pingexpress to transfer monies. My traditional wedding did take place in Nigeria so I had to find a better way to send money other than western union (such a drag lol and now I have a naija account I good schmoney). I really had to be thorough since some of my friends that were attending and participating in my traditional (trad henceforth) were American, I wanted them to have the best experience as possible- because you know… it is Nigeria. I can attest that nothing can really prepare you for Naija, you just have to bear it, be frustrated, and pray you do not get arrested, fight, or kicked out of the country (that would be hard, but at our pace.. very possible lol). So many Things happened that I have to break these posts into parts [series] but I will continue to name the tools I used for organization and the hiccups that I (and friends) experienced on our memorable trip. See you in the next post! [Here are some sneak peek pics from my trad]




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Buhari must send his pythons back to the bush! The two face of a president.

Take a look at some insight of what is going on in Nigeria involving the Igbo people

WakeUP Africa!

The president and the commander in chief, of the armed forces of the federal republic of Nigeria, recently sent his army in all its full might to intimidate, terrorise and to kill unarmed civilians in the south-Eastern Region of Nigeria, the habitation area of the Indigenous people of Biafra

The killings of these unarmed igbo youths, the intimidation that most of them suffered in the hands of the Nigerian army, as seen on diverse documented evidences on social media, is still being celebrated, all over the southwest and the northern part of the Nigeria.

While the president in his five minutes speech talked about how the unity of the country is none negotiables, those in the north and the southwest of Nigeria, are still celebrating the deaths of other Nigerians in the southeast of the same country! “The unity of Nigeria is indeed none negotiable”.

The question that remains to be…

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Giveaway Alert!


Hey everyone! Today is exactly a week I launched Ivery Arie: The Contemporary African Woman blog. I would like to thank my team, friends, family and recent fans of the blog for the encouragement and kind words. I never thought I would be this happy about the launch; my cheeks have been hurting a lot lately lol. As a token of my appreciation, I will be conducting a giveaway for a few things I think y’all will love. The products will be handmade with love by me. Here are the rules to enter!


  1. Follow us on Instagram|Facebook|Twitter @iveryarie
  2. Repost this giveaway opportunity on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter AND tag #IveryArie #CAW. For me to see it, you must change your privacy settings to public.
  3. Visit the website, like our page and under the Give Away Post (this post), comment your favorite article so far with your social media…

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On Becoming: 7 Lessons

A quick Review of Book by Ivery Arie


I know I am late, but I just finished reading On Becoming by Nigeria’s sweetheart, Toke Makinwa, and I must say, “WOW!”

Warning: If you have not read the book, please, download the Okadabooks App. For those in the States, it should be a little over $6 [].

Makinwa narrates the decade long search for happiness in a man she loved despite the lies, infidelity and deceit. Her story begins with the horrid loss of her parents at a young age and describes her relationship experiences to fill the void of her loss She mentions countless instances of his infidelity, warranting clear grounds to leave the relationship. However, because of love she stayed and endured 14 years of emotional abuse. Just in case you didn’t know, what makes his book ironic is the fact that she is a famous YouTuber who gives relationship advice. While many called her a hypocrite…

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Double Career|Wearing Two Hats

I keep seeing this question floating around, so I got a little inspired: Can a woman be a Family & Career woman? Many of times both men and women believe it is not possible without one or the other suffering, and for others it is seamless [ or fake it to be seamless lol]. Why should this be? Of course Parenthood in general can be pretty difficult, but is being a woman with kids any more difficult? Should she not have help? And being that my Nigerian behind has to think this through, would my career have to take a back seat to me being a baby making machine [gives a major side], I HAVE QUESTIONS and I NEED ANSWERS!!


I need to gauge how hard this may or may not be. I mean, motherhood is hard and all, I really do not want to give up my career, but I do live in this United States of ‘Murica and their maternity policies and child care are straight up basura. Furthermore, families usually have to be two income in order to make it [I have a brunch problem, forget shopping] comfortably, so my behind has to really work anyway! WHO WILL WATCH THESE CHIRREN! AGAIN:


So what do you think? Can family and career co-exist, or would one need to take a back seat? Take a poll, it is anonymous… I promise!

Forum is up for discussion, because I do want a male perspective as well. You know how it goes.



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Lemonade V. Red | Different Fiascos


I really did not want to compare, or write about it, BUT I just had to. It will be short and painless. I promise ooooooh.

Ok, for the record I believe the Lemonade album went over a lot of heads and has been overshadowed by a lot of nonsense [whew that was a mouthful]. Seems like people rather relish in assumptions and drama than grasp all the cultural references and movements in the album. She [Bey] is keeping mum while she takes it all to the bank and everyone pay 83747392928292929373839 dollars for her tour,  mmkay? Smart business move? Well, what do you think?


Now, Tiwa… my jaleesa.. Tiwaaaaaa [I think I saw this coming from 6,000 miles away sha]. I do not even know what is the reason for the tell all, but why not just leave and deal with the questions later? Is this to boost sales [ I definitely did not enjoy Red] or…. wetin? I don’t get it, I could not watch the full video… but WHY? Make an album of heartbreak, write a semi vague book, something other than this interview. *turns video off*
POST Scriptum… that “My mom is so British” comment… smh

If you have 45mins to spare [should have been an album] here is the link to her [Tiwa]’s interview


Now I feel for any woman [any hurt in any relationship man or woman]that have gone through such pain, it hurts. HOWEVER, people in the public eye do not owe the public any explanation. I mean hey… Beyonce gave me lemons… tiwa gave me a painful interview. *cues drake’s views album*

What are your thoughts?  I really am interested. *grabs groundnut*

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2015 in Friggin Review

I know it has been a while, but I had to take a break from blogging (it did not fit in my schedule nor my jacked up sleeping pattern). With the New Year approaching, I can actually say with confidence that I am extremely excited and looking forward to it. 2015 has been the Happiest sad year ever. By that I mean so much nonsense has happened that I am surprised that I am still in high spirits and still managed to smile.

I can acknowledge the many blessings that have been bestowed upon me, God has truly been faithful, and I take every lesson learned and add it to my constant drive to improve myself- I really need to just laugh at life even more.

What I do not want to become is one with a heart encased in concrete in 2016. I am nurturing and caring by nature, but sensitive as hell. I have come to terms that I cannot give everyone benefit of doubt, nor should I expect people to treat me with good-will as I would do by default. I have to stop giving the wrong people the right pieces of me, because not everyone will even give an ounce of themselves either. I just have to learn to dodge the bullets a little better and twirl along the BS a little longer because it is real out here in these streets. Remaining a good person is hard in today’s society when being selfish and self-absorbed is the amplified norm (it drives me insane). So if you feel like I am acting “brand new” in the NEW YEAR just blame it on the pain, but it can adjust anyone no matter how big their heart is.


So DO BETTER in 2016 constantly!!! Nobody cares who you are leaving behind or cutting off in the new year, no one cares that you will hit the gym more, blah blah blah- JUST DO BETTER. This year has definitely been a learning year (yet again), but I definitely can DO BETTER.