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Hey everyone! Today is exactly a week I launched Ivery Arie: The Contemporary African Woman blog. I would like to thank my team, friends, family and recent fans of the blog for the encouragement and kind words. I never thought I would be this happy about the launch; my cheeks have been hurting a lot lately lol. As a token of my appreciation, I will be conducting a giveaway for a few things I think y’all will love. The products will be handmade with love by me. Here are the rules to enter!


  1. Follow us on Instagram|Facebook|Twitter @iveryarie
  2. Repost this giveaway opportunity on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter AND tag #IveryArie #CAW. For me to see it, you must change your privacy settings to public.
  3. Visit the website, like our page and under the Give Away Post (this post), comment your favorite article so far with your social media…

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On Becoming: 7 Lessons

A quick Review of Book by Ivery Arie


I know I am late, but I just finished reading On Becoming by Nigeria’s sweetheart, Toke Makinwa, and I must say, “WOW!”

Warning: If you have not read the book, please, download the Okadabooks App. For those in the States, it should be a little over $6 [].

Makinwa narrates the decade long search for happiness in a man she loved despite the lies, infidelity and deceit. Her story begins with the horrid loss of her parents at a young age and describes her relationship experiences to fill the void of her loss She mentions countless instances of his infidelity, warranting clear grounds to leave the relationship. However, because of love she stayed and endured 14 years of emotional abuse. Just in case you didn’t know, what makes his book ironic is the fact that she is a famous YouTuber who gives relationship advice. While many called her a hypocrite…

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Dating in 2015

Ahem,  so I am about to put myself out there once again. I can say with confidence that I am moderately traditional... Not archaic... Moderately traditional. Like,  I thought I was going to have my life in order,  married, and pregnant by 25 like mi made - but LOOK AT ME NOW! I am all... Continue Reading →

Whatever Wednesday

Yes, I know I am a day late, BUT I have a legitimate excuse... ok I don't other than I went to a concert on Wednesday and I was BEAT (concert update on Friday though). So I have a couple of things that my subscribers (and friends), want to discuss. The first topic on her... Continue Reading →

<25, Single, and NIGERIAN

Ok,  let me start by saying this...  Do not feel sorry for me,  I get enough judgment from my elders,  so I know I will get from my peers when I throw myself out there (unless they understand my pseudo struggle). Maybe I'm picky,  or just scared straight,  but I am like...  Super single. Just... Continue Reading →

2nd chances…

What constitutes a second chances? What are determining factors for salvaging a relationship? Not limited to romantic relationships, but friendships in general. These are questions I ask myself all the time - Excuse me if I get to deep [my girl Lauryn for the reference lol]. Now I have been through a whole lot of... Continue Reading →

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