Whatever Wednesday

Yes, I know I am a day late, BUT I have a legitimate excuse… ok I don’t other than I went to a concert on Wednesday and I was BEAT (concert update on Friday though). So I have a couple of things that my subscribers (and friends), want to discuss. The first topic on her mind is:

Why are men of this era soooooooo different than men of our father’s era in relation to how they view/approach relationships and marriage; let’s not leave out their views of hard-work and being providers as well

Is this a question that has been on your mind as well (as a woman)? What are the mens’ perspective on this matter as well? This open discussion but I do not want anyone to be disrespectful on here… nice… clean… healthy discussions only (maybe we can get some understanding here lol).

Second topic was a discussion that I and a colleague (subby as well… woot!) had a discussion about over bbm (yes I still use it… JUDGE ME) and we decided to bring it here it was in regards to this meme here:


Now he had his fair share of words sha, but you know… I have my fair share of words too (I thought I was hilarious!!). But do you believe this holds some truth? Are women usually not held accountable for their own actions as well? Or is this just some vicious cycle and bad timing where a lot of people get hurt?

Last question. If an ex invited you to their wedding, would you attend?
I will surely involve myself in this discussion because I have soooooooo much to gist about on these matters lol. So let us take it to the stree.. I mean to this blog and discuss.



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