Lemonade V. Red | Different Fiascos


I really did not want to compare, or write about it, BUT I just had to. It will be short and painless. I promise ooooooh.

Ok, for the record I believe the Lemonade album went over a lot of heads and has been overshadowed by a lot of nonsense [whew that was a mouthful]. Seems like people rather relish in assumptions and drama than grasp all the cultural references and movements in the album. She [Bey] is keeping mum while she takes it all to the bank and everyone pay 83747392928292929373839 dollars for her tour,  mmkay? Smart business move? Well, what do you think?


Now, Tiwa… my jaleesa.. Tiwaaaaaa [I think I saw this coming from 6,000 miles away sha]. I do not even know what is the reason for the tell all, but why not just leave and deal with the questions later? Is this to boost sales [ I definitely did not enjoy Red] or…. wetin? I don’t get it, I could not watch the full video… but WHY? Make an album of heartbreak, write a semi vague book, something other than this interview. *turns video off*
POST Scriptum… that “My mom is so British” comment… smh

If you have 45mins to spare [should have been an album] here is the link to her [Tiwa]’s interview https://youtu.be/O22u_FUkmu8


Now I feel for any woman [any hurt in any relationship man or woman]that have gone through such pain, it hurts. HOWEVER, people in the public eye do not owe the public any explanation. I mean hey… Beyonce gave me lemons… tiwa gave me a painful interview. *cues drake’s views album*

What are your thoughts?  I really am interested. *grabs groundnut*

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2 thoughts on “Lemonade V. Red | Different Fiascos

  1. The whole thing is interesting. The RED album put me to sleep (maybe ‘cos I started listening to it when I woke up and it made me want to go back to bed), probably only 1 or maybe 2 songs were good (not great). This whole saga with Tiwa is unfortunate and I think its great she is talking about it at the same time I feel its too soon to have an in-depth interview (with an amateur journalist) especially since her ‘husband’ suicide attempt was so so recent, They are both is mentally unstable at this time. I really don’t know what to take out of all of this but I definitely agree with …’people in the public eye do not owe the public any explanation’. If this interview came out much later, people will still talk sh***t but at least (in my opinion) she would have been in a better state of mind (still be as genuine as possible) but not just throw her husband under the bus and run him over a couple of times, no matter how foolish he has been acting.

    Not a beehive so I don’t know what drama might be lurking in that area but Lemonade…was good. I had to skip through some parts but it was a well thought out production in comparison to RED.

    In the end its sad to say, many times where there is becky, there is janey, jessy, linny etc and where there is edible catering, there is ice cream delicious, cake delights, raw candy and so on. I’d say before fowl nyash blow open…set your priorities, identify the problem, ask yourself so what if this/that happens, and then seek the now what…your next steps, your road to redemption but be objective…otherwise lets watch the future drama unfold.

    PS: the “My mom is so British” comment- she needed to explain in greater detail ‘cos when she mentioned that it sounded like she was undermining her culture to add significance to another…knowingly or not.


    1. It is incredibly unfortunate. BUT, why not do it tastefully? Must we know you were in Jamaica counting your toes on a sunny day at 3.37PM whilst frolicking through the beach? I mean I get it; she wants to connect and show her hurt… but the timing sha… ALL of a sudden… na controversy, and in a distasteful way. I mean I skipped through most of Lemonade as well, but just see the difference [whether true or not… I connected on different levels], and tell me where her interview made any sense or seen as a necessity? She was apologizing for crying out loud ahn ahn… Tiwa ooohhhh smh.

      Pour all of that hurt and pain into your music, so she can bounce back from that RED album sha… I’m so serious. People connect more via art [especially music]. Leave some mystery to your personal life. *cues Drake Views album* lol


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