Lemonade V. Red | Different Fiascos


I really did not want to compare, or write about it, BUT I just had to. It will be short and painless. I promise ooooooh.

Ok, for the record I believe the Lemonade album went over a lot of heads and has been overshadowed by a lot of nonsense [whew that was a mouthful]. Seems like people rather relish in assumptions and drama than grasp all the cultural references and movements in the album. She [Bey] is keeping mum while she takes it all to the bank and everyone pay 83747392928292929373839 dollars for her tour,  mmkay? Smart business move? Well, what do you think?


Now, Tiwa… my jaleesa.. Tiwaaaaaa [I think I saw this coming from 6,000 miles away sha]. I do not even know what is the reason for the tell all, but why not just leave and deal with the questions later? Is this to boost sales [ I definitely did not enjoy Red] or…. wetin? I don’t get it, I could not watch the full video… but WHY? Make an album of heartbreak, write a semi vague book, something other than this interview. *turns video off*
POST Scriptum… that “My mom is so British” comment… smh

If you have 45mins to spare [should have been an album] here is the link to her [Tiwa]’s interview https://youtu.be/O22u_FUkmu8


Now I feel for any woman [any hurt in any relationship man or woman]that have gone through such pain, it hurts. HOWEVER, people in the public eye do not owe the public any explanation. I mean hey… Beyonce gave me lemons… tiwa gave me a painful interview. *cues drake’s views album*

What are your thoughts?  I really am interested. *grabs groundnut*

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