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2018 Quarterly Update & Events|Wass-good?

Hey y’all, how is your new year going so far? Hit any of your resolutions yet? gave up yet? Ask for the restart button yet? Yes, No, maybe so? Well, if your year has been a disaster so far, do not be so hard on yourself, and I say this to echo to myself because I need to take my own advice lmao! I said I was going to update everything Thursday and y’all…. that was too damn hard. I really could not keep up with work, social life, plan a wedding, and a plethora of other projects that I am involved in… but I PROMISE… I will do better for the rest of the year if you stay tuned to this paid space of interwebs lol.

Aside from having a successful traditional wedding and an upcoming “white wedding” as we Africans like to call it, I have some events that you all should peep and participate in if you have time in your busy shehdules (spelled that wrong on purpose… sound it out lol):

  • BrunchCon: April 22, 2018 click here to purchase tickets I will be there live and direct… hopefully I will not be to turnt to not snapchat and do ig Live. But it is open bar and bites from all the vendors and I am sure I will have a blast and so should you! Yall know i am the self proclaimed #champagnechampion.
  • UIU DMV Jollof Jam: April 28, 2018 Click here to purchase tickets This will be fun! but do get your ticket before they sell out. Not everyone can cook some good jollof rice, and here some skills will be put to the taste buds test.
  • Igbo Amaka Cultural: Keep this organization on your radar. They will be having a talk show (which involves yours truly on a couple of episodes), and touches on some interesting topics concerning Igbo Culture. If you are looking to understand, learn, or cure some curiousity of a certain ethnic group in Nigeria… this is one of the orgs to look out for. Check out their website as well (drop a donation or two, or three lol) Click for Igbo Amaka Cultural website here

I definitely will have the best brunch spots in DC to check out (definitely bottomless ones will be in there), and an update on “The Safe Sphere”- a podcast that I collabed with @Ndidi_love. With all of the events and projects in the works, this year was not too bad. Cannot say the same for those in the lime light.. seems to be a cheating season in the first quarter… but hopefully it gets better.. for them? Anywho.. lol resolutions and ish never work out for me.. and if you are not hitting your resolutions… IT IS OK!

AHEM!, Random Entry

The constant struggle


There is so much going in the world that it is overwhelming, like…  My prayer list is super long. It may be because we have more access to global events,  but it is some good and a lot of BAD! From the sheer racism that are happening on college campuses, the ongoing killings of POC by some law enforcement, to the most atrocious slaughters that have happened just within this week alone. I just wish the teachings of love and community were more permissible and accepted as opposed to worthless material gains and ridiculous aspirations to “fame”.

When was the last time you really enjoyed your family and friends,  without looking at your phone, without trying to keep up with the Jones’ of soc. Media? I mean when was the last time you even thanked the Higher Power for what he has done for you and your loved ones?  I mean,  I can’t even do the “#prayfor[inserttheatrocityhere]” because it does not feel right to me. I stay prayed up no matter what. So pray to whomever or whatever suits all conditions,  and do it wholeheartedly because the whole world needs it. Remember:

Prayer should be your first response,  not your last resort. 

Allow that to marinate. Have a great weekend to all.




Re-Branding… Again

I have had a blog for EONS… So I am re-branding to encompass all of my thoughts and experiences into a more seamless blog. There will be videos, there will be images, there will be… well you… stuff, just a bit more organization to the chaos that everyone seems to enjoy about me. So this is not a bandwagon… just getting back in the driver seat that I was kick out of.


P.S. I will have a question and answer section very soon… JUST YOU WAIT.




get it? Band... Wagon? lol
get it? Band… Wagon? lol