Whatever Wednesday

Tuesday was to be my supposed Canada trip recap, but I’m having a change of plans and will discuss an incident since I decided to be a geriatric and go to bed hella early 😊 (the fun post will come later it is 4.39am dag nabit lol).

Let me begin with this: if you believe or even try to justify the behaviour of that wannabe top flight security cop,  you might as well exit left and miss me with that BS.  This is in regards to the isolated event that took place at the South Carolina school where the cop used blatant excessive for to remove a student. I am all for discipline, especially when it comes to unruly kids [nothing grinds my gears more than bad ass kids] but this cop was out of line and that is my opinion,  full stop! 
Here is the link to the video and have a look for yourself

Now,  I’m not into CNN (and definitely not into foolish Don Lemon so don’t listen to his arse lol), but this is a KID and that is a grown male, there should be no reason for that kind of force on any student whatsoever.

And if you begin to think with “oh she should have complied” or “she was resisting and that is what happens when you resist” in your head, please explain and discuss this because I am ready…  R E A D Y. 



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