Shifting Gears…

After receiving some disheartening news in a span of two days post trip… I am about to get really deep…  And postponing the Canada blog and pics of happiness to discuss something I am all too familiar with – Death.

You would think as many people that I have lost in my life that I would be calloused every time I get bad news of such…  But I do not.  And due to my empathetic nature,  I tend to still that pain when someone I know (even indirectly),  loses a loved one.  Depending on my state of mind, I could just embrace the person… Cry..   Or stand there numb not knowing what to say or do.  One thing is for sure is that ‘I feel your pain’ I totally get it.

It definitely ties into my struggles and conflicts of my faith.  And due to my at times unflattering inquisitive nature I question God; I question him A LOT.

The pain IS Unbearable,  I cannot lie. But you should know that it is OK to crumble…  It is OK to cry…  It is OK to feel that pain,  but do not allow it to consume you to the point where you may go too.  I can leave this advice, find a way to cope, especially when that sadness creeps up on you. It really suxks feeling like life itself has been squeezed out of you as well as draining,  but in due time you have to find solace…  May not be complete solace…  But do find it, and keep it.



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