An African City Season 2 is Approaching

image (January 2016)

So it took almost 3 years for this show to finally come back to my life and I could not be more ecstatic about it(pon many other blessings) and share the news! 

African City is about a group of women who travel back home after living abroad (school and working) to settle their roots (again).  It reminds me of Sex and the City but 1 million times better. The show kind of reminds me of me and wanting to spread my wings internationally (soon oh!), but have yet to make that solid decision lol.

The scenarios are so relatable that I wonder “did they see my journal,” or “why the hell have they not hired me for the New season?” They talk about everything under the sun from romantic relationships,  sisterhood,  and the struggles of being a modern woman in an African country. So check it out!  I will leave a link to season 1 for you. Enjoy!!!


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