Week Recap


Hey Guys!  Sorry I’ve not been keeping to a schedule, so you would have to accept that it is just who I am. It has been eventful,  so let’s get to it shall we?

Last week was the Se7vn Streeter concert, and it was AMAZING. I mean,  they did sound check Hella late and she came out late,  but when she did perform…  Did she not sing to my soul?  YAS!!!  She surely did. And guess what?!   Tix were only $20 for the Baltimore show AND they gave an instant rebate if you parked at the Soundstage parking garage…. STEAL! Good show and a great atmosphere, especially for me to come all the way to bmore.

Now for the weekend. I do not know how I get talked into some things, but I found myself in Philadelphia going to a defunct and haunted penitentiary. It is the last weekend that they do this and it is called “the remix” and when in tell you they scared the life out of me… AND my friends… You would think I was lying.

From falling, getting lost, going through a graveyard garden and me screaming at the top of my lungs, I do not even believe I have ever been so afraid in my life. I can admit, I am a scary cat, but I still made it through… Barely. There is a little museum part at the end (Al Capone served time here), and a food court… But them monsters STILL eff with you there. Overall, Philly is quaint and, beautiful, and fun. If you feel brave and want to try something different, pay a visit to Eastern penitentiary (with its ol spooky self). Check out the pics.




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