Monday weekend recap

Let me just say this…  I cannot hang like I use to,  and I definitely hate clubs.  Lol allow me explain:

I worked over 80 hours this week and managed to have my friends talk me into going out whilst only have 3 hours of sleep for the last 3 days and a 6am shift on Sunday. I do not know who I thought I was,  but my body definitely hated me this weekend.  My mental definitely screams “I don’t do clubs” but then the peer pressure comes in,  and I end up getting suited and booted to go and be bored (the pure reality).

I do not know how people go out Every blessed weekend,  but me seeing one gentleman snoozing in the club this passed Saturday had me jumping for joy mentally like “yes!!! I am not the only one”. So if you really ask me what I would like to do for fun,  be prepared to hear me say “I don’t do clubs ♣” I am so done.




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