2nd chances…

What constitutes a second chances? What are determining factors for salvaging a relationship? Not limited to romantic relationships, but friendships in general. These are questions I ask myself all the time – Excuse me if I get to deep [my girl Lauryn for the reference lol].

Now I have been through a whole lot of hell growing up, as well as losing many people dear to my heart… Not only physically (to death) but mental separation. I value all my friendships.. As one should, but loyalty is not the same these days romantic relationships and friendships alike. However, humans err and sometimes the thought of returning back to relationships that I have walked away from (believe me… It is never easy) at times cross my mind.

It is in recent events that really kicked my salvaging relationships into over drive… You know… The ones that got away… The ones I ran away from… The friendships I forcefully left behind – all to consider saving some of them.

Now I am not saying to go back to anyone or anything (addictions and Whatnots) that harms you, but if that “what if” comes to mind, maybe you might want to give it a shot. Ego + Pride are the main factors that ruin all relationships, but if you can fix it and both parties are willing then WHY NOT? Do not leave it to tragic events to cause those reasons to salvage memories. Do not leave it.

This is open for discussion (keep it sort of classy lol) what are your determining factors for salvaging relationships? Sound off…

My Two Kobo,


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