Shake Shack vs In n Out



Ok, so everyone knows that I am from LA and a bonafide In n Out Burger lover (i mean… as soon as I land at home… I go straight to the place before ANYTHING). So when I heard all the hype about shake shack (I am a transplant living in DC) and how it will rival In n Out Burger in California, I got hella salty…. like reaalllyyyy salty. So, I decided I might as well go to Shake Shack with my friends (also coworkers to make sure my bias was in check) and see what all the hype was…. and it was just THAT… HYPE! Let me explain…


There was no secret menu, nothing extra, just chicken, burger, or veggie. The fries were just regular ol crinkle fries with the option for cheese sauce and bacon…. dassit! They have concretes (picture a mcflurry, but BETTER), sundaes, fresh lemonades (that I did not fancy), wines and beers… dassit!!!! The burger had some kind of smoked pepper added to it, but again nothing too major. I was really thinking “Did I miss something?  This is the hype?!”. That is where my coworker/friends came in that have not experienced In n Out Burger, and they too were not impressed (phew!). I can say that the service was impeccable and the set up was cute… but Shake Shack should not even be compared to my beloved- In n Out Burger… Thank you.

So please let me know… how was your Shake Shack experience and do you agree that it is better than In n Out? Let me know what I am possibly missing overall!

Slight Post Scriptum,

Will have the top ten burger joints in DC within a week!



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