So, most people that know me know that I have been traveling FOREVER, like I grew up with stamps in my passport. However,  this is the first time that I am actually documenting and sharing my travels with the world (yaasssss lol). So the first country I want to bring the spotlight is *drumroll* Canada!!!! Now this is not my first time in the country,  but I totally fell in love the second time around.

I was in Toronto and took a train across to Montreal on VIA Canada rail. Apart from snoozing on more than half of the ride, I got to see Lake Ontario and a whole lot of corn lol (side note- the Great Lakes are not called great for nothing, they are huge!).

Now Montreal is where I fell in love!!! I stayed in Spring Hill Marriott Suites in Old Montreal and could not ask for a more perfect location. Was close to the Notre Dame Basilica, the waterfront, the Olympic Stadium, and the Botanic gardens just to name a few. I don’t know if it is the Urban Planner in me, but every city I visit, I have to explore and learn the history and that is exactly what I did with no regrets.


Nightlife. Now I usually don’t do clubs, but since I was in a completely different county, I decided to hit the Montreal night life the moment I got there, and I was… Interesting. I tried the Toronto nightlife the last time I was there and it was a flop every night… Montreal was again… Interesting lol. Now my travel partner and I do not speak French and really had to ask around for where to go. Thank goodness a “brother ” pointed us in another direction because we were clearly in the wrong area lol. Apartment 200 is where we ended up for a short time where we almost died trying jagermeisters (spelling?) and arcade basketball, then it just got weird so we left lol. Pinq Taco was our last place where we got plastered, listened to great music and had plenty of champagne (my type of venue), Pinq taco for the win!!!!


Sadly we ended up doing so much shopping, museums, and sight seeing, that we did not give Montreal or Toronto night life a try again. One thing I can say, I had enough poutine to last me a whole year! These two cities are a blast and definitely a must visit!




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