An African City Season 2 is Approaching

(January 2016) So it took almost 3 years for this show to finally come back to my life and I could not be more ecstatic about it(pon many other blessings) and share the news!  African City is about a group of women who travel back home after living abroad (school and working) to settle theirContinue reading “An African City Season 2 is Approaching”

“Why Hit Him with the Gucci Flip Flop?”

All the rave about this twitter story (the second one I believe, first one is #ZOLA) that turns a very serious matter into a hilarious drama with screen shots of tweets that string into the perfect visual scenario. Of course I already posted to my Facebook, but I had to provide the link so thatContinue reading ““Why Hit Him with the Gucci Flip Flop?””