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Survey Says….

So I am a first gen kid. Meaning my parents are immigrants and decided to settle down and have my Igbotic arse in LA. Now many say that what I am may be up for debate, but I identify as a N I G E R I A N. Yes, and I do go through the fight of not being accepted by either side [ie I am seen as a “different” black to many here stateside and to Nigerians, I am not “Nigerian enough”], but whatevs I know who I am and where I come from [like.. down to the village… try me nau]. However, throughout my cultural fluidity of being a Nigerian born on Angeleno soil, I do know one thing for sure… WE LOVE FOOD! Jesu, we dont play o when it comes to chowing down. From different soups, heavy ass “snacks” or appetizers like isi ewu, nkowbi, etc to other dishes that can put Andre the Giant to sleep in one take. So I decided to take a small poll of “What is your preference?” What type starch do you prefer to eat [yes, I am judging you lol]. Here we go!






6.indifference you do not even care.. starch is starch and you are hungry.

Comment and let me know!

Post Scriptum: You do not have to be Nigerian to take the survey, if you have tried it, or have something similar, comment too!

Oya… Ready… Set… EAT… i mean… GO!





An African City Season 2 is Approaching

image (January 2016)

So it took almost 3 years for this show to finally come back to my life and I could not be more ecstatic about it(pon many other blessings) and share the news! 

African City is about a group of women who travel back home after living abroad (school and working) to settle their roots (again).  It reminds me of Sex and the City but 1 million times better. The show kind of reminds me of me and wanting to spread my wings internationally (soon oh!), but have yet to make that solid decision lol.

The scenarios are so relatable that I wonder “did they see my journal,” or “why the hell have they not hired me for the New season?” They talk about everything under the sun from romantic relationships,  sisterhood,  and the struggles of being a modern woman in an African country. So check it out!  I will leave a link to season 1 for you. Enjoy!!!



“Why Hit Him with the Gucci Flip Flop?”

All the rave about this twitter story (the second one I believe, first one is #ZOLA) that turns a very serious matter into a hilarious drama with screen shots of tweets that string into the perfect visual scenario. Of course I already posted to my Facebook, but I had to provide the link so that my subbies are well in the loop. I needed some laughter and this story gave me ALL of my life…  (I hope he turns this into a movie) Life does not have to be so serious all the time. Enjoy!

Click the link: https://twitter.com/XLNB


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2015 in Friggin Review

I know it has been a while, but I had to take a break from blogging (it did not fit in my schedule nor my jacked up sleeping pattern). With the New Year approaching, I can actually say with confidence that I am extremely excited and looking forward to it. 2015 has been the Happiest sad year ever. By that I mean so much nonsense has happened that I am surprised that I am still in high spirits and still managed to smile.

I can acknowledge the many blessings that have been bestowed upon me, God has truly been faithful, and I take every lesson learned and add it to my constant drive to improve myself- I really need to just laugh at life even more.

What I do not want to become is one with a heart encased in concrete in 2016. I am nurturing and caring by nature, but sensitive as hell. I have come to terms that I cannot give everyone benefit of doubt, nor should I expect people to treat me with good-will as I would do by default. I have to stop giving the wrong people the right pieces of me, because not everyone will even give an ounce of themselves either. I just have to learn to dodge the bullets a little better and twirl along the BS a little longer because it is real out here in these streets. Remaining a good person is hard in today’s society when being selfish and self-absorbed is the amplified norm (it drives me insane). So if you feel like I am acting “brand new” in the NEW YEAR just blame it on the pain, but it can adjust anyone no matter how big their heart is.


So DO BETTER in 2016 constantly!!! Nobody cares who you are leaving behind or cutting off in the new year, no one cares that you will hit the gym more, blah blah blah- JUST DO BETTER. This year has definitely been a learning year (yet again), but I definitely can DO BETTER.