Dating in 2015


Ahem,  so I am about to put myself out there once again. I can say with confidence that I am moderately traditional… Not archaic… Moderately traditional. Like,  I thought I was going to have my life in order,  married, and pregnant by 25 like mi made – but LOOK AT ME NOW! I am all Master’s degreed up,  job,  the whole nine…  With none of the fixings like my mom had lol. But guess what??!!  These degrees don’t keep you warm,  so I decided to give online dating a try.

Now,  do not get me wrong…  Do as you wish…  Heck…  I’m even pushing you to try. But me trying I realized that online dating is Soooooooo not for me lol. I tried MELD,  for like a month. Meld is supposed for black professionals (A-ha like myself *rihanna tongue stick out face*) and uses your LinkedIn and Facebook for validation. NOW, it is a great app, just not a great app for me. Then I realized…  I do not have the energy to go on all these dates and spread my attention to multiple people at the same.

So out of being drained from the different dates (one will actually be a great friend,  since he is a great person), I deleted the app. I’m just going to stick to the old school meeting people by coincidence and chance lol. It is 2015 so I tried oh! Heck, Maybe you should too!



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