Weekend Recap

I did not realize that keeping up with a blog takes so much energy. Even now, the daily schedule that I have to keep everyone slightly entertained,  has been doused by gasoline and lit on fire (Lo siento).  So this is me playing catch up and providing a weekend recap of Halloween and Sunday Brunch (bringing the tea 🍵).


Yes,  so I did my face up for work-a-ween and got all sorts of compliments. However, this year was a total dud at work. Only I and another co-worker got dressed and we felt a bit slighted (you know like from the legally blonde scene when she wore a costume to a non costume party?! Yes.. Like that) and were a lil salty,  but whatevs. What really got me was while at party city doing the most last minute costume shopping for my lil cousins,  a man said “that ain’t a costume,  that is her tribal markings!”  BREH!!??  Tribal markings?!  But I’m saved so I pick my battles and let that one slide.  But really…  Does it look like tribal marks?!

Halloween comes along and post work I was reminded 1 million times of the promise I made to the 9,6, and 3 year old that I would take them Trick Or Treat ing… And this I did…  With my own satin pillowcase for my own darn candy (a girl needs her sweets). You would think after a good hour of collecting candy and watching endless Nick shows, that they would be tired- NOT!!!!  I had to do the whip n nae nae in my onsie, until they could take no more.. Peep exhibit A

Yes,  I own a onsie….  SO WHAT!

Fast forward to my second most favourite thing to do *fixes halo* BRUNCH!  Now,  I don’t know about any other cities that LOVE brunch like The District, but brunch is my ish!  And if you really want me to love you,  it should be bottomless,  yes,  bottomless. So I took my to my fave place in Georgetown El Centro DF,  where you can have bottomless brunch for only $35!!!!! All you can eat food and drinks and the menu is a Phenom!!! I will surely come up with a top 10 brunch list for DC and MD,  but until then,  check out a few flicks!






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