I am 25, Single, and NIGERIAN

Ok,  let me start by saying this…  Do not feel sorry for me,  I get enough judgment from my elders,  so I know I will get from my peers when I throw myself out there (unless they understand my pseudo struggle).

Maybe I’m picky,  or just scared straight,  but I am like…  Super single. Just go on ahead and slap an “S” on my chest and let the world know because half the Nigerian community back home (in LA) and home home (in naija) know. I get the usual “eehhhhhh our daughter,  when will you bring in your Mrs. Degree?” I wish I had an answer for them,  but I don’t. I’m even beginning to get the question from my pops of life on my love life,  so you know I have to figure something out.


It is not like I do not want to settle down,  because I am trying! I even went out on a date last week (which was awesome by the way),  and even giving online dating a try (I know, who would have thought?! That is for another post), and even try the age old “Nnenna I have someone I want you to meet.” but to no avail.

This unwritten rule that you must be married by 25 is just absurd, because I am still trying to plan to conquer the world – in other words find my true career lol – while men can be 53864929292 years old and not feel the heat of family pressure…  Unfair much?!
But the P R E S S U R E… oh the pressure I get from family,  and the rubbish guys I get that think they are doing me a favour – don’t. Times have changed, sadly, and i firmly believe that men don’t even court women these days because effort is non existent. If I do even meet a guy that is even a third of a man like my pops of life,  I promise this post would be non existent and is vice versa for men and some women these days. To be truly raw and Frank,  half the people I know are in lopsided relationships anyway or one is a liability to the other – I want no parts of that please and no thank you.

So the next time I get a “why are you single” or an “Our daughter you are running out of time o” I will put on my pained smile until Mr. Right catches up to me…  Wherever the heck he is lol.


Signing off,


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5 thoughts on “I am 25, Single, and NIGERIAN

  1. Hey Nnenna,

    NICE Blog! Welldone. You are still talking about 25 and single, how about 31 and single, Lol. I totally agree with your comments, men these days don’t want to court and just come at you with this mediocre, “half-Hazzard approach”; I guess we should keep clutching our bibles and praying to God for wisdom and a mindset change; cos if it continues like this, who knowns, 41 n single maybe?😂😂😂. Not our portion though.


    1. Thanks Lil!!! Lol that will never be anyone I know’s portion. This post was a poke at how after 25 we are told to have it all together (dating wise), but it just is not much of a reality these days lol I’m glad you enjoyed. Subscribe and keep a look out for more!


  2. Lol! This is humorous. Away from the humor, no one will live with the choice you make. Enjoy the dates till Mr. Right rows the boat.


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