I am 25, Single, and NIGERIAN

Ok,  let me start by saying this…  Do not feel sorry for me,  I get enough judgment from my elders,  so I know I will get from my peers when I throw myself out there (unless they understand my pseudo struggle). Maybe I’m picky,  or just scared straight,  but I am like…  Super single. JustContinue reading “I am 25, Single, and NIGERIAN”

Whatever Wednesdays (catch up)

I know I am super behind…  But I do work…  A LOT!  So I do apologize for being behind schedule everyone,  now is catch up time. Whatever Wednesdays are where anything goes. Questions and topics are brought up by viewers and subscribers and there are no limits. Here is the first topic,  and I trulyContinue reading “Whatever Wednesdays (catch up)”